Musée Bytown

Built in 1827

Built in 1827, the Bytown Museum is now the oldest stone building in Ottawa. Before being a museum, it was used as a warehouse during the building of the Rideau Canal.

Bytown Museum

In addition to being a museum based on Ottawa history, it is now renowned for being one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

Bytown Museum

Several paranormal phenomena were reported. On the first floor vault, people were being pushed and grabbed even though the room was empty.

Bytown Museum

On the third floor, people heard baby cries coming from the dolls exhibition.

Bytown Museum

Televisions were also turned off or on without any human intervention and objects under lock and key were moved during the night.

Bytown Museum

One of the ghosts is Duncan McNab, an officer during the building of the Rideau Canal. He was often seen on the museum third floor and many people felt he was following them.

Colonel John By

The Colonel John By ghost would also be there because some people heard him arguing with Duncan McNab.

Bytown Museum

All these phenomena make the Bytown Museum one of the most haunted places in the capital of Canada.

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