In addition to its New England charm, Waterville surprises with its impressive hydroelectric power, which partly inspired its founding in 1876. This mostly attracted British, Loyalist, and American settlers in 1870.


The town's industrial development took off in 1815 with the construction of a first sawmill by a contractor from Compton Township. Today, Waterville still has a strong insdustrial core.

Waterville: must-see

Covered Bridge (Route 147, chemin du Pont-Couvert, Waterville (Milby)): The Milby covered bridge was built in 1873. This historic monument is worth the small detour. Special features: vertical wainscoting, straight lintels, lateral openings at the top, ship's knees. Still open to traffic. 

St. Barnabas Church (2280, chemin McVety, Waterville): St. Barnabas Church was built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1874. The veranda was constructed in 1898. Church services came to an end in 1951.

The pioneer trail - Gorges Gale - Waterville: George Gale arrived in Stanstead with his family from Vermont in 1830. Broadly speaking, he was a farmer, but he quickly showed how remarkably talented he was in working with his hands and in engineering.

After having built bridges and having managed a number of mills, in the early 1880's he founded George Gale & Sons and established his two sons in the company. The factory, on the banks of the Coaticook River in Waterville, operated at full speed, producing springs and brass bedsteads. 

In order to expand this successful enterprise, George's eldest son Aldebert, opened a second factory in England. George Gale contributed largely to the growth of industry in this municipality whose economy still relies on the dynamism of the many companies firmly established in the community.

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