Village heart Dudswell-Marbleton

Village heart of Dudswell - Dudswell Marbleton area

Dudswell was declared a township in 1805 by John Bishop’s family and, in 1895, established as a municipality.

Village heart of Dudswell - Dudswell Marbleton

Dudswell now includes Bishopton (1912) and Marbleton (1895), the latter admitted in 2001 into the prestigious Association of Quebec’s Most Beautiful Villages. Both towns lie in the hollow of a wide hilly area. The development of Dudswell was the result of the lime and limestone industries, which also attracted French Canadian workers.

Village heart of Dudswell - Marbleton area: must-see

Tourist information office Dudswell (900, rue du Lac, Dudswell): Marbleton is a member of the Association des plus beaux villages du Québec. This tourist information office is located in the Maison de la culture building which houses under the same roof as the tourist office (where you will find information for all trips or excursions in the Haut Saint-François area) a rustic boutique featuring products of local artisans and an art gallery. Open from June 24 to Labour Day, daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information, visit our website. 

The Dudswell Cultural Centre (900, rue du Lac, Duswell, 819 560-8474,, The Dudswell Cultural Centre offers a wide range of tourist and cultural activities, including viewing the Louis-Emile Beauregard collection.

Other local attractions include the Limestone Interpretation Centre, the Forge Interpretation Centre, the art gallery with works from over 40 artists, the Dudswell Artisans and Artists Circuit, the Heritage Circuit and Musical Matinees “Son et Brioches”.

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