Vancouver's Chinatown

Vancouver's Chinatown
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Welcome to Vancouver’s Chinatown, the biggest Chinatown in Canada, and third biggest in North America (right after New York's and San Francisco’s).

In addition to its exotic products, numerous restaurants and thrilling street animation, Vancouver's Chinatown offers lots of must-see attractions.

This tour will guide you to the town's most popular, historical and beautiful spots and activities!

Please take note that we recommend that you visit the town during the day, for some areas may be more hazardous by night.

Enjoy the trip!

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Credits: This photo/text tour was assembled by L’Aire de jeu inc.

Researcher: Kristina Bernard

Content organization and text supervision: Anne-Josée Bédard and Joshua Lessard

Photos: Claude Robillard (Flickr), Mark Iverson (Flickr), Craige Moore (Flickr), Rommy Ghaly (Flickr), Venture Vancouver (Flickr), sarbjit (Flickr), SqueakyMarmot (Flickr), Guilhem Vellut (Flickr), Bob_2006 (Flickr), Sarboo (Flickr), Craig Paterson (Flickr), Kalevi Sissonen (Flickr), Dave O (Flickr), Joe Mabel (wiki), Romary (Flickr), Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, and Wenzday01 (Flickr), Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / C-068863.

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Vancouver's Chinatown