City Hall of Halifax

City Hall

Halifax’s city hall is regarded as a national historic monument of Canada. It was built between 1887 and 1890, based on the plans of architect Edward Elliot.

City hall

The building is situated on the “Great Parade”, symbolic place of the civil life since the beginnings of Halifax. At the other end of the “Great Parade” is the St-Paul church, built in 1750.

City hall

It’s in that last building, inaugurated in 1821, that was first opened the Dalhousie University. The university moved, in 1887, to Forrest Hall, while the city hall took its place.

City hall

The first reunion to occur in the brand new city hall was with mayor David McPherson, on May 14th 1890.

City hall

Today, the clock on the north face of the building is stopped at 9:04, to commemorate the explosion of 1917, when a French boat full of ammunitions named the Mont Blanc crashed into a Norwegian boat.

The Mont Blanc exploded, killing 2000 and hurting thousands of others. The explosion created a tsunami, broke trees, bended train rails and demolished buildings, throwing pieces of debris up to hundreds of meters.

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