Forrest building

Forrest Building

The Forrest Building is a building of the Dalhousie University, one of the most important universities in Canada. Its construction began in April 1887. Its construction was financed by Sir William Young, ex-chief justice and well-known political man of Nova Scotia. His $20 000 donation helped the project a lot.

Forrest Building

Until 1914, it was the only building of the Dalhousie University. It was called the "new Dalhousie College", because the University was located before at the "Grand Parade".

Forrest Building

It was named the Forrest Building in 1919 in honor of the Dalhousie University third President, John Forrest.

Forrest Building

Since 1985, it includes departments from the Faculty of Health Professions like the School of Nursing, School of Occupational Therapy and School of Physiotherapy.

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