Boquébière - microbrewery

The Boquébière

At 50 rue Wellington Nord - It is undoubtedly the most adventurous of all microbreweries in Sherbrooke! The Boquébière tackles the market on all fronts: lavender white beer, dark beer with cherries, black IPA, apple ale... each of the Boquébière beers is unique and often made using local products.

At heart of historical downtown Sherbrooke's atmosphere, the Estrie is honored at the Boquébière. Apples from the Gros Pierre de Compton orchard can be found in the apple Ale, and flavors from the townships can also be found in the duck drumstick confit meal!

However, the micro is also known for the activities taking place there. Every day, a theme is presented: doubtful Mondays welcome presentations of masterpieces in poor cinematic taste, and Saturdays are show nights.

The Boquébière also collaborates with the Granada Theatre, located just in front, and
receives visits from various artists, of which several are up-and-coming.

Suggested beer:
The Hopkins Stout Impériale, black with espresso flavourings, chocolate, and black berries.

Wellington Street in the 1950's

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