Tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon
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Discover the Grand Canyon! There are around 440 km between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, driving US 93, Interstate 40 and the Arizona State Highway 64. The ride offers several attractions for you to discover, and it can last a week if you take your time to visit all the places in this tour.

Travel through time and places at your own pace, guided and informed by this free application. You will discover breathtaking canyons and have the chance to be part of several outdoor activities. For owners of Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod phones and tablets.

The road trip has only just begun!


Use the "Preload" option on your smart device. You will then be able to access all the contents on site (via the "My Tours" section) and will be guided by GPS without needing an Internet connection.


When you leave: the early spring and the late fall are the best times because the temperature is more comfortable, and you can avoid crowds of tourists during those seasons.

You must predict the costs related to the journey, like the gasoline, the lodging, the activities and the food. You better have too much money than not enough. You never know when something unexpected will happen.

Take your time, don't hesitate to stop if you want to enjoy the scenery. Getting up early gives you more time to enjoy the attractions on the way.

To avoid being robbed, you should hide all valuable objects in your vehicle.

Avoid being towed or having a ticket by leaving your car in the paid parking.

Too much is like not enough. Driving alone is dangerous: you might fall asleep on the way. On the other hand, traveling with a group can create a lot of fights. You have to think about it.

Keep a list of emergency numbers in case you have a breakdown or an accident.

Often look at the forecast to avoid bad surprises in the middle of a walk.

Useful objects in a road trip: pillows, drapes, plates, glasses, bowls, can openers, matches, lighters, plastic bags, pans, saucepans, toilet paper, pocket lamp, sheets, folding table and chairs, pumped spare wheel, toolkit, first aid kit, gps, map, compass, sunglasses, solar cream...

Have a nice trip!

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