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A National Park to Visit

According to the National Parks Service, the Grand Canyon attracts around 5 million visitors per year. It is divided in two sections: the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim is easier to access and is open all year long. From Las Vegas, it is easy to get to the South Rim.

Why is the park divided in two?
A 446-km canyon divides the park: here are the two rims. The Grand Canyon from the Colorado river is 1.6-km deep and creates a barrier that cuts through the park.

The South Rim is around 2130 meters above sea level. The North Rim, around 16 km farther, is smaller. It is closed from late October to mid-May and is harder to access. This distance seems short, but it is a 346-km tour in 5h between the South Rim Village and the North Rim Village. The landscape, the atmosphere and the vegetation are obviously different between north and south because of differences in elevation. It's almost as if there were two parks in one, and it takes a lot of time, preparation and effort to be able to visit both sides of the Canyon in one trip.

Other services offered:
Bus tours, bike tours, bikes for rent, helicopter tours, mule tours, guided hikes, raft trips, jeep tours, trails in the forests, etc.

Before going on a hike:
Going on a hike is a wonderful way to realize how beautiful and huge the Grand Canyon is. However, even if you are a experienced hiker, the Grand Canyon is very different from other hiking experiences.

A good mental attitude and enough food and water are essential if you want your hike in Grand Canyon to be a success, mostly during summer. Day or night, you must be prepared to need water, to the extreme heat and cold, and to the isolation proper to Grand Canyon.

The hikes are so demanding that even people in excellent health are ending up very tired and hurting. In spite of everything, kids, elderly people and people with a physical disability managed to walk here.

Have a look at our hiking trails tour in Grand Canyon.

Have a good time!

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Food and Lodging

Do you want to stay in Grand Canyon for the night? Several accommodations are available. You must book in advance, especially during summer months.

Price ranges:
Hiker room (restroom down the hallway) 72$
Hiker room with toilet (bath or shower down the hallway) 83$
Room with full bathroom varies between 92$ and 440$ per night

Online reservation

The free shuttle buses connect the accommodations with the restaurants, the stores, the visitors centers, the landscape and the trails. Lodging and camping on South Rim are open all year long.

Night hikers can stay in Phantom Ranch.

Where to eat
At the visitors center: Bright Angel Bicycle Rental and Café
At the Market Plaza: Marketplace's Delicatessen; Yavapai Cafeteria
At El Tovar Hotel: El Tovar Dining Room
At the Bright Angel Lodge: Arizona Room; Bright Angel Restaurant; Bright Angel Coffee House; Bright Angel Fountain
At the Maswik Lodge: Maswik Cafeteria
At Desert View: Desert View Marketplace; Desert View Trading Post
At Hermits Rest: Hermits Rest Snack Bar
Insite the Canyon: Phantom Ranch Canteen (on reservation)

Many restaurants are also open in the Tusayan community.

Photo: Grand Canyon NPS

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Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

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