St-Jean Baptiste Catholic Church

St-Jean Baptiste Catholic Church (1851-1852)

The first Catholic church was built in stone in 1829 but was demolished some years later, having been deemed unstable. In 1851, Father Bourassa, then in charge of the parish, drew a plan for a new church building and physically worked on its construction.

St-Jean Baptiste Catholic Church (1851-1852)

His successor, Abbot Bouvier, arranged for the finishing of the interior of the building. The church was decorated in 1929 by T. X. Renaud, a church painter well-known in Québec, Ontario and the United States, and it was recognized as one of the most beautiful churches in the diocese at the time. Four priests are buried in its crypt. This parish was the third to be created in Ontario and was officially established in 1901. It was successively part of the dioceses of Québec, Kingston and Ottawa.

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