Lafayette Walking History Tour
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Houses in many respect are like people. Some lead very interesting lives with their simple architectural display, and grow old gracefully. Some have mystery attached to their arches, and they become intriguing. Some tie up historical events with people and intrigue becoming massive with significant.

Walk alone the streets in the Heart of French Louisiana where homes have a lot to say. You are at the beginning of the City of Lafayette and the end of  Jean Mouton's Plantation called Ile Copale (Gumtree Island) here at the corner of Lee and Jefferson.
To know more about Lafayette Historical Building, see " City-Parish Register of Historic Properties " from Preservation Alliance of Lafayette.

Lafayette Conventions And Visitors Bureau
Lafayette Clerk of Court Mr. Louis J. Perret
Downtown Development Authority -- Downtown Lafayette
Acadiana Center for the Arts
CODOFIL Louisiana Office of Francophone Affairs