Life by the Creek & On the Coast

Artwork Info

Location: 5500 Wharf Ave (Exterior of Sechelt Animal Hospital)

Title, Date: Life on The Coast, 2004 & Life by the Creek, 2004

Artist: Dean Schutz

Medium: Acrylic and Latex paints

Background and Description

These two murals were commissioned by the Sechelt Animal Hospital and painted by local artist and muralist Dean Schutz. On the panels facing Wharf Ave. you will see two young children enjoying “Life on the Coast” amongst the trees and wildlife. The young girl is the artist’s daughter Zoey with her dog Java. Standing nearby and having a chat with a raven is the artist’s son Cole.

As you walk around the building you will see another set of painted panels, these ones depicting “Life by the Creek”. A mature black bear looks over her shoulder to see two wolves on the other side of the riverbank. You can tell that is springtime because the salmon is swimming upstream to spawn, this is known as a “salmon run”. Look closely to find the river otter and the tree frog.

Artist Bio

Dean Schutz is an artist working predominantly in the field of painting. He is a graduate of Emily Carr College of Art and Design, where he studied a wide variety of fine art practices with a focus on animated film and painting.

Murals have remained an important part of Dean’s practice for over 30 years, and he is responsible for 8 of the outdoor murals in the District of Sechelt. His colourful works are well known on the Coast, brightening streets, parks, schools, and many private businesses and residences.

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Presented by : District of Sechelt

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