Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing - Background Info

LOCATION: 5620 Dolphin St. (Sechelt Insurance Agency building)
MURAL: Gone Fishin’, 1996
ARTIST: Dean Schutz
MEDIUM: Acrylic and latex paints

Painted by local artist and muralist Dean Schutz, this mural depicts a fictitious 2-story commercial building covered with a façade of raw wood clapboards and a wooden porch surround. In the entrance to the business hangs a “Gone Fishin’” sign, and from the covered porch hang two more signs “Sechelt Insurance” and “Rooms.”

Gone Fishing - Mural Description part 1

A young girl, modeled after the artist’s daughter Maya, sits on the porch reading from a picture book. On the overhang above her an orange tabby cat is sneaking up on a Stellar’s Jay bird.

Gone Fishing - Mural Description part 2

From a window in the rooms above, a woman is watering potted flowers, while in another window we see the artist reclining with his boots on the windowsill. This trompe l’oeil painting, commissioned by Dean Butler of the Sechelt Insurance Agency, has fooled many a passerby into thinking they might actually rent a room in this character building.

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