Sea Wall

Sea Wall - Mural description

LOCATION: near 5670 Teredo St.
MURAL: Sea Wall, 2004-05
ARTIST: Dean Schutz
MEDIUM: Acrylic and latex paint

This vibrant mural depicts many of the underwater plants, mammals and fish that are native to the ocean nearby. At one end of the mural you can see a Harbour Seal and a Quillback Rockfish. A snorkeler perched atop sea star-covered rocks spots a Giant Pacific Octopus. Near the far you’ll see Pacific white-sided dolphins that have in recent years been spotted in large pods locally, often performing quite a show.  It is this diverse and colourful variety of sea life that makes our local waters so popular to snorkelers and scuba divers.

Sea Wall - Background Info

Former District of Sechelt Councilor Ann Kershaw and the former Sechelt Arts and Culture Advisory Committee were instrumental in the commissioning of this mural by local artist and muralist Dean Schutz. Schutz painted the mural during the 2004 Sechelt Family Arts Festival. The painting drew many interested people and formed an important part of the festival activities.

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