Voices from Another Time | The Cleveland Cemetery

Voices from Another Time | The Cleveland Cemetery
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Ville de Coaticook

We’ll never know what the tiny Cleveland Cemetery looked like in the 1800s. Abandoned for many decades, it almost disappeared; the gravestones were lying on the ground amid brush.

In the early 1950s, a family descendant and the new owners of the former Cleveland farm took it upon themselves to group together the gravestones that were recoverable.


Our interactive map offered by BaladoDiscovery gives you access to audio files about people who rest in peace in this small cemetery. Listen to see…


This memorial enables us to go back in time to meet one of the region’s most important pioneer families. You’ll learn that the Cleveland name is closely linked to Coaticook’s history.

A guide will accompany you during your tour, and you’ll meet young Charles Cleveland, a 12-year-old ghost from the grave, who will tell his tale of another time.

This audioguide will help make your visit of the Cleveland Cemetery a memorable one. Be sure to travel to the cemetery itself: onsite, you will fully appreciate the beauty and the spirit of the place!

We suggest preloading the tour in your smart device before going to the location (Preload option in the app). You will then be able to access all of the content when you are onsite without Internet. We also recommend the use of earphones to fully enjoy the audio content.

Welcome to the Cleveland Cemetery!



Production: Les Productions Traces et Souvenances
Research, script, composition of texts, narration: Anne Dansereau
English translation: Stevenson & Writers Inc.
Artistic advisor and recordings director: Lysanne Gallant
Recording: Larry O’Malley, Audiobec Sono/Vidéo
Voice of Charles Cleveland: Marcus Comeau
Photographs: Anne Dansereau
Archival photograph: the Société d’histoire de Coaticook
We thank Normand Métivier for his artistic photography of the cemetery
Producer: Municipality of Coaticook

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Voices from Another Time | The Cleveland Cemetery