Voices from Another Time | The Lake Lester Cemetery

Voices from Another Time | The Lake Lester Cemetery
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Ville de Coaticook

The village of Baldwin’s Mills has many attractions with its stunning lake and park at Pinnacle Mountain. Its cemetery is another treasure to discover!

In it are the gravesites of several members of the renowned Baldwin family, whose ancestor settled at the lake’s outlet in 1798. A number of Levi Baldwin’s descendants played an important role in the development of the Coaticook region.

Also in this cemetery are monuments of members of two other pioneer families: the Mays and the Belknaps. Several French-speaking people were recently buried here.

This little cemetery holds more than its share of dramatic deaths, as the guide accompanying you throughout your tour will explain. You’ll also meet Harold Baldwin, a descendant of the village’s founder and a ghost from the grave who will tell his tale of another time.

Together with its photographs and archival documents, this audioguide will help make your visit of the Lake Lester Cemetery a memorable one. Be sure to travel to the cemetery itself: onsite, you will fully appreciate the beauty and the spirit of the place!

N.B. We suggest that you use the tour preload option on your smart device (tablet or telephone) by selecting “Preload.” You will then be able to access all of the content when you are onsite via the “My Tours” menu and to be guided by GPS without having to be connected to the Internet. We also recommend the use of earphones to fully enjoy the audio content.

Production: Les Productions Traces et Souvenances
Research, script, composition of texts, narration: Anne Dansereau
English translation: Stevenson & Writers Inc.
Artistic advisor and recordings director: Lysanne Gallant
Recording: Larry O’Malley, Audiobec Sono/Vidéo
Voice of Harold Baldwin: Nelson Gonyer
Photographs: Anne Dansereau
Photograph of Pinnacle Moutain: Stéphane Lafrance
Archival photographs of Baldwin Mills and the Baldwin family: Eastern Townships Resource Centre P173/005.02/005, P173/005.02/001, P020/003.06/002/490
Producer: Municipality of Coaticook

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Voices from Another Time | The Lake Lester Cemetery