Medina of Tangier
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Meeting point of two seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the city of Tanger occupies a strategic position between Africa and Europe. This tour will guide you through the alleys of the Medina, Tangier's old neighbourhood, where cultures, religions and nationalities mingle. You will discover its mosque, the Petit Socco square, as well as several museums and palaces.

Tangier, once named Tingis back in Roman times, is the oldest city in Morocco. It was born in the Phoenician civilization's era. In the mid-twentieth century, the city became a bastion of freedom and a meeting place for many national and international artists. Writers from the Beat Generation, painters such as Delacroix and Matisse, as well as musicians like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones found inspiration there.

However, nostalgia for a cosmopolitan past isn't the only feeling that Tangier awakens in us. When you stayed there, you notice that the sunny days, the character of residents, the relaxed atmosphere of its streets, its gastronomy and its crafts are part of this uncommon city's unforgettable assets.

We offer you to discover the originality of the oldest neighbourhood in Tangier… described by famous writer and composer Paul Bowles as the dream city.