Continental Hotel

The Continental Hotel

If you turn your back on the port, you will be facing the legendary Continental hotel, the artists, intellectuals, politicians and aristocrats headquarters at the end of the XIX century and in the early XX century.

This structure, one of the oldest in the city, was built in 1865 where the customs used to be located.

A Surprising Contrast...

Its British style and the Moorish decoration of the rooms provide a surprising contrast that gives a unique character to this hotel.

Evocative Place

Its interior decoration evokes the past. The Soussi family, owner of the place, was able to preserve the charm of its past.

First Floor

The room where breakfast is served, on the first floor, shows it.

Mosaics and Magnificent Frescos

You will discover surprising mosaics covering the walls and magnificent frescos on the ceiling.

The Visitors...

Young Wiston Churchill stayed here after his experience as a war correspondent.

Antonio Gaudi also stayed here back when he planned to build a cathedral in Tangier.

Enchanting Place

However, this hotel's charm doesn't only come from its past.

The Terrace...

Another surprise awaits you on its terrace, where you will be able to contemplate a wonderful show. The view of the port, the bay and the Strait of Gibraltar is impressive. If you take the time to savour a delicious Moroccan tea, you may get the chance to see a ferry enter the port.

This is how we arrive at the end of our trail. The port of Tanger is undergoing important changes. The industrial activity linked to freight and passenger transport was moved to the new port of Tanger-Med, located 40 km east of the city. The old port will be converted into a harbour and will soon welcome huge cruise ships. It became a symbol of Tangier's past and future, the Pearl of the Strait.

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