Mediterranean Tour in Mahon
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Welcome in the atmosphere of the biggest natural seaport in the Mediterranean.

Minorca Island's capital, Mahon (Mahón in Castilian) is known for its strategic port. It is very close by, in the waters of the Mediterranean, that a very important naval battle between the English and the French took place in 1756, known as the Battle of Minorca, won by Louis XV's French Navy. Almost instantly taken back by the English in the context of a historic treaty, Minorca Island was then given back to Spain in 1802. Throughout your guided tour, you will notice that the British occupation left its mark regarding the local architecture.

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Enjoy your stay in Mahon!

Research, original writing and outlining of the route: Odile Cayrols. In collaboration with Pablo Ramón of Native Hoteles, Archivo de imagen y sonido de Menorca, Mahon's Public Library, Fundation Destí Menorca, Luis Anglés and Patricia Menéndez of Bodegas Binifadet.