Mansur School

4.1e Mansur School

This building was constructed in 1819 on land donated by the Mansur family. The schoolhouse was in use until 1929.

4.2e Mansur School

Schoolchildren can take a day course to see how those children of former times were dressed, what they ate, and how they used chalk and slate — of interest in particular to English speakers. Reservations can be made through the Stanstead Historic Society.

4.3e Question: Mansur school

Who does the inscription in front of the building tell you used this building?

4.4e Answer : Mansur

The Women's Institute.

Extract of
Rolling Hills, Historic Hamlets (Stanstead E & Barnston W)

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Presented by : La Table de concertation culturelle de la MRC de Coaticook (TCCC)

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