Bridge Between Town and Country (Coaticook)

 Bridge Between Town and Country (Coaticook)

On this tour you'll discover a town steeped in history, a lot of culture, and beautiful natural sites in the surounding countryside--the best of both worlds.  In town you'll see old Victorian houses with ornate gables or visit a museum with little known local stories;  not far away you can cross the impressive Coaticook Gorge on the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world; and then you'll be guided to more rural sites in the surrounding area that are at once memorable and refreshing.

Take this tour and be guided from point to point by GPS; at each site on the tour you'll discover photos and information on your phone or tablet.  Use the preload option to download the tour onto your device so that you don't have to be connected to the Internet as you go along.

When to go : Plan on a day, winter or summer.


Table de concertation culturelle de la MRC de Coaticook (TCCC).

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Bridge Between Town and Country (Coaticook)