The Hyatt Schoolhouse

31.1e The Hyatt Schoolhouse

On the right you see the Hyatt Schoolhouse. It is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in the Sherbrooke area.

31.2e The Hyatt Schoolhouse

This one-room school was built in 1822. The descendants of Gilbert Hyatt were pupils here. Mr. Hyatt was the founder of Sherbrooke.

31.3e Question: The Hyatt Schoolhouse

What do you notice about the mistress’s desk?

31.4e Answer: The Hyatt Schoolhouse

It had no drawers. It was really a lectern – which, without a doubt, meant that the teacher was required to stand.

31.5e St. Barnabas’ Church

On your left you see the Anglican Church of St. Barnabas with its cemetery. It stands as a witness to the past prosperity of Milby.

31.6e St. Barnabas’ Church

This church has retained its original appearance. It was built in 1875.

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