Mme Paquin-Crête (monument)

3.1e Marie-Marthe Paquin-Crête

Mme Paquin Crête is one of the personages on the Pioneer Trail. The Trail is a circuit of twenty-two personages who will tell you their story at the press of a button. These dynamic presentations are unique in Québec.
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3.2e Marie-Marthe Paquin-Crête

Marie-Marthe Paquin was born with a severe physical handicap. Nevertheless, at five years old, she succeeded in getting on her own two feet. Subsequently she led a very active life.

3.3e Marie-Marthe Paquin-Crête

Mlle Paquin was married in 1945. Her married name was Madame Crête. Everyone in St-Herménégilde knew Madame Crête. She was held in the highest regard by all as a warm hearted woman who always took care of others before thinking of herself.

The door of her house was open to all and sundry. Over a period of some twenty years, she and her family took into foster care more than a hundred young people.

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Lakes and steeples (St-Herménégilde & Dixville)

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Presented by : La Table de concertation culturelle de la MRC de Coaticook (TCCC)

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