Maison de l'Arbre

19.1e Maison de l'Arbre (The Tree House)

At the maison de l'Arbre is where you’ll find the welcome centre for the Sentier poétique (The Poets’ Way). There’s a small café here that offers local fare.

19.2e Maison de l'Arbre (The Tree House)

The architect of this building, Jean Mailhot,  used real trees to hold it up.

19.3e Question: Maison de l'Arbre

What species of tree were used in the construction of the Maison de l’Arbre?

19.4e Answer: Maison de l'Arbre

Poplar, cedar, maple, white and yellow birch, beech, cherry and fir.

19.5e Maison de l'Arbre

Behind the Maison de l’Arbre you’ll find a plaque to commemorate the visit of Alphonse Desjardins. M. Desjardins was the creator of the Credit Union model of banking (caisse populaire).
He came here when the village was called Paquetteville (Now its full name is Saint Venant-de-Paquette).

19.6e Question: Maison de l'Arbre

What date did Mr. Desjardins visit here?

19.7e Answer: Maison de l'Arbre

September 1st, 1907.

19.8e Maison de l'Arbre

From the Maison de l’Arbre you can follow the Sentier Poétique (The Poets’ Way).

19.9e Maison de l'Arbre

As you follow this path through a lovely garden and into entrancing woodlands, you’ll come across representative works of some of the major poets of Québec. Notice a sculpture, the work of Roger Nadeau, one of two entitled Gardiens du village (Guardians of the Village).


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