“5-10-15” shop

In Huberdeau, there remains one of the rare shops still showing a “5-10-15” sign outside. This shopping franchise was obtained in about 1955, during the period when “5-10-15” shops were a very common sight through Québec.

Photo of the old “5-10-15” shop

Invented by Frank Winfield Woolworth, these “5-10-15” shops, which opened here and there all over north America, were the dollar shops of their day. It was normal for these types of shops to be positioned opposite the church, both places being the most frequented in any Québec village. One can easily imagine the many stories that were related and the gossip that was shared in this vicinity!


The church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci dating from 1931.

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Once Upon a Time in the Western Laurentians

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