Chute aux Bleuets (falls)

Chute aux Bleuets

This belvedere provides a viewpoint over the falls at Chute aux Bleuets, and plays an important part in the development of the Municipality of Brébeuf. This section of the Rivière Rouge was home to a sawmill and flourmill, both built at the beginning of the 20th century.


In order to work the sawmill, a horizontal turbine supplied the energy required by a complex system of belts and gears. The system activated a large circular saw, which sawed through tree trunks, as well as various pieces of equipment used for shaping planks of various sizes. A blower forced the sawdust outside, which was then used to insulate walls and ceilings of houses. Sawdust was also used for covering blocks of ice cut from the frozen river that were to be stored for as long as possible for use in summer. (

Brébeuf beach

A sandy beach can be reached on Chemin de la Rouge, which is still used by local residents and summer visitors to Brébeuf.

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