Picardier farm


As of its foundation in 1905, Brébeuf began to develop a local economy based around agriculture. Its relatively flat lands, well-drained soil and the twin rivers, the Rouge and the Diable, made it one of the prime areas of the Laurentians for agricultural use. In the early 1950s, some of the younger farmers took the initiative of organizing agricultural fairs (source: Bergeron-Gagnon Inc., heritage inventory of the Laurentides RMC, 2013).

Picardier farm

This sign on the side of the road indicates that there is a shop at the Picardier organic farm, now being run by the third generation.


As you drive a long Route 323, you will come across four farms still in activity, one of which was started in 1905. Among these four farms, one is running cattle, one is a dairy, one keeps bees and the last is a mixed cattle and poultry farm. This photo of the Picardier farm dates from 1950. It was back in 1929 that Aurèle Gauthier and Léonie Vézeau purchased this 100-acre lot, of which 60 is under cultivation.

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