The Sisters of the Precious Blood

The Convent of the Sisters

Nowadays, there is only the famous steeple left which overlooked the monastery. This steeple which, after being saved from demolition, was abandoned in a field located near Levasseur Street, between the Bécancour Boulevard and the river. It was only seven years later that it was transported hear, next to the World Religions Museum. After its deterioration over the years, a funding campaign was launched in order to give it back its magnificence of yesteryear. Indeed, its base was redone before being installed on a concrete foundation. The steeple had to be sanded, repainted, added sheet metal and had dents removed. A landscaping and an interpretation panel can also be found. Photo credit: OTNY

The Sisters of the Precious Blood

The community of the Sisters of the Precious Blood was founded in 1861 at Saint-Hyacinthe and aimed for contemplative life. This congregation was introduced to Nicolet in 1896 by Bishop Gravel. They first lived in a modest house that was turned into a monastery where they could officially settle on May 3rd, 1909, on Signay Street. This imposing building was demolished in 2002, after the thirteen last nuns who were all over 80 years old left the place. They had to leave to reoinforce the monastery staff of Chambly, St-Hyacinthe and Trois-Rivières. The huge land that they owned was therefore sold to a private owner. Today, the land belongs to the city of Nicolet. Photo credit: BAnQ.

First monastery of the Sisters

Upon their arrival in 1896, the Sisters of Adoration of the Precious Blood settled in the former convent of the Grey Nuns, located at the intersection of Monseigneur-Signay and Léon-XIII streets. Photo credit: BAnQ.

Monastery’s enclosure of the Sisters

Around 1905, a high wooden fence was built along the property of the the Sisters of Adoration of the Precious Blood. Photo credit: A.S.N.

Monastery’s enclosure of the Sisters

The number of nuns kept increasing so the the decision was made to build a new and bigger monastery. The first monastery was therefore transported on rollers and moved to the south side of Monseigneur-Signay Street, at the intersection of Wilfrid-Camirand Street. Photo credit: OTNY

New monastery of the Sisters

In 1909, the new monastery of the Sisters of the Precious Blood was erected. Photo credit: A.S.N.

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