Churchs and Cathedrals

Cathedral of Nicolet

First Church in Nicolet

The first church in Nicolet was built with a thatched roof. It contained 8 benches. It no longer exists today. Photo credit: A.S.N.

Second Church in Nicolet

The second church in Nicolet was started in 1734. It was finished in 1740. It was made of fieldstone and was near the first church. It no longer exists today. Photo credit: A.S.N.

Third Church in Nicolet

The third church was put under construction in 1781 on the right bank of the River Nicolet between the Pointe aux Pins and the Pointe aux Chênes. It was inaugurated in 1784. In 1820, two towers are added to it with steeples and a hall. Unfortunately, the land didn’t support these additions, the walls started to crack and it had to be demolished. Photo credit: A.S.N.

Fourth Church and First Cathedral in Nicolet

The fourth church and the first cathedral were blessed on February 2nd, 1873. In November 1873, the steeple collapsed and couldn’t be rebuilt before of the weakness of the church’s structure. The church remained without a steeple and unfinished to finally become the first cathedral of the diocese of Nicolet in 1885. Photo credit: BAnQ

Fifth church and second cathedral in Nicolet

The fifth church and second cathedral were built in 1896. On April 3rd, 1899, part of it collapsed due to a structural defect while the exterior was being completed. To make matters worse, a second collapse occurred and destroyed it on May 11, 1899. Photo credit: BAnQ

Sixth church and third cathedral in Nicolet

The construction of the sixth church and third cathedral started in 1904, but when the exterior was being completed, a fire broke out on June 21, 1906. Besided destroying the cathedral, it reduced the motherhouse of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin to ashes. A pro cathedral was used as a church while waiting for the construction of a new one. Photo credit: Image taken from a book (photocopy) Caron-Dricot, A. (1997). Les Caron : Une dynastie d’architectes depuis 1867. Claude Raymond Communications (p.90)

Seventh church and fourth cathedral in Nicolet

The scree on November 12, 1955 caused the disaffection of the seventh church and fourth cathedral erected in 1910, and then its complete demolition in 1956. In 1956, the construction of the Diocesan Catholic centre (now the centre for Popular Arts) started for it to be used as a temporary place of worship. Photo credit: BAnQ

Cathedral of Nicolet

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