Self‑guided Tours of Sherbrooke

Self-guided Tours of Sherbrooke
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Destination Sherbrooke

Discover an unimagined cultural heritage by doing a visit of Sherbrooke enhanced with interviews and stories from witnesses of the past relating to places, streets and historic neighborhoods.

Explore our city by following its tours, among which the unavoidable theme of the murals and the famous Sherbrooke Rétro providing images captured 40 to 125 years ago as well as an accurate geolocation for each point of interest. Experience a journey through time and space via the large amounts of content exclusively available on BaladoDiscovery, including archive films, unseen videos, photos, texts and audio tapes. The mobile application provides access to these themes without Internet 3G in preloaded mode.

Please note that there are three tours about the murals in Sherbrooke and that each of them is offered by the BaladoDiscovery application, including video and audio clips, pictures, route advice and real-time GPS tracking of your location.

Enjoy your discoveries !

Photo: © sherbypictures

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Self-guided Tours of Sherbrooke