Georges Lessard Sawmill

The owner of the sawmill.

Let me introduce you to Mr. George Lessard, owner of the sawmill. You can see, on this picture, one of the step needed to square the edge of the board, which consists of removing the bark that is left on the board or plank.

Source : Sophie Fortier


As you can see, the saw mill is protected against mother nature weather. In the foreground, you can see the bark residues that is removed during the first step before cutting the boards or planks.

Source : Sophie Fortier

Preparation of the log

He starts the preparation of the log by putting them on the cart. That way the log will be well positioned to start cutting of the bark.

Source : Sophie Fortier

Remove the bark

The first step is to remove a first board of bark from the surface of the log. Then he turns it, to be able to do the same operation on another surface, he repeats the operation until he has made all 3 sides.

Source : Sophie Fortier

Ready for sawing boards

The log is now ready to be sawed into boards or planks of wood.

Source : Sophie Fortier

Georges Lessard Sawmill

Mr. Georges Lessard's sawmill has been part of the town since 1939, which makes it the oldest on our territory. There's even a reference to this business in our town's coat of arms.

Mr. Lessard has successors that bring new blood to the mill… Three of his grandsons joined the business and took matters into their hands. Bruno and André have been working at the mill for several years already, and Yves has joined them over the past few years. In addition to providing clients with all regular services of a sawmill such as wood cutting and turned posts, the succession develops a new market with Économat, which offers products such as doors and moldings at a very competitive price.

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Text source: Mélanie Roy

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