The Coat of Arms

Saint-Joseph-des-Érables' Coat of Arms

Decorated with two gold banners representing the wealth of its farmland, the town's coat of arms showcase its importance.
First of all, in the background is religion, with Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce's first chapel built here. You can see an illuminated cross as a reminder of that chapel from 1737.
You then discover the town's wealth, agriculture. It occupies a worthy space in the coat of arms, symbol of its importance to the town.
Woodwork is undoubtedly the second most important activity of the town.  A sawmill in the coat of arms designates this field of carpentry, craftspeople, saw-milling, cutting and other wood-related activities.

The town could not ignore its history and critical periods. The des Fermes Mill from the 18th century is a reminder of past events such as ancient trade, flood waters, etc. You can see some ruins from the mill at the Fermes River.
The upper blazon is a reminder of the name of the town, Saint-Joseph-des-Érables. The green color designates the birth related to the motto.
The two maple leaf branches are a reminder of the flourishing sugar maple industry, of the name of the town once again, and of Canada's floral emblem. The maple leaf color was chosen to represent one the most beautiful seasons in the Chaudière Valley, fall.
The motto "Our Ancestors' Land" is a reminder that we were the first Beauce area to be colonized. This motto pays tribute to our ancestors who, through hard work, overcame numerous barriers to make our territory what it is today.
The colors chosen for the inside of the blazon represent our levels of government, i.e. blue for Quebec and red for Canada.
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The Sower

Picture that inspired the sower found on the town's coat of arms.

Source: Michel Dufour

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