Vestiges of the Irish Cemetery

Cemetery with Visitor

Irish pioneers were the first to clear the land in Saint-Séverin. A few hundreds of them, both Catholics and Protestants, came between 1820 and 1840, and they left after having raised their families here. Around 1924, the last Irish family left Saint-Séverin. On Sainte-Marguerite Road, the vestiges of a small Anglican cemetery is a discrete reminder of their stay. An organization called Coirneal Cealteach updated this site located on a private land, in the middle of the forest. A sign on the premises gives some information about their presence. Our cemetery located near the church also counts a few graves from Catholic Irish families.

Source: Saint- Séverin's image gallery (2009)

Fence surrounding the Cemetery

Traditional rock fence. It defines the cemetery's boundaries. This type of fence is typical of Irish land occupation.

Source: Saint- Séverin's image gallery (2013)

Cemetery Square

Precise location where the 7 confirmed graves can be found. There is no monument left. At the time, the monument must have been made of wood, such as those still found in the village's cemetery.
Source: Saint- Séverin's image gallery (2013)

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