Saint‑Severin | MRC Robert‑Cliche's Heritage Tour

Saint-Severin | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour
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Located on the high plateaus of the Appalaches mountains, the village of Saint-Séverin maintained a way of living for which a quality community life is paramount. The municipality was established by gathering parts of the four municipalities surrounding it to create a parish, since in 1872 religious realities took precedence over civil realities.

Our village maintained some visual balance greatly enhanced by the simplicity of our church and cemetery. Saint-Séverin is known for being a place where culture is greatly valued.
The film festival has been existing for 11 years and continues to attract an increasing number of moviegoers. Méo's horse, this huge naive art masterpiece is the pride of our village and has attracted over 100,000 visitors since its creation by Roméo Vachon. This artist wanted to pay tribute to this noble animal for its contribution to our development, and he did so with creativity, tenacity and talent.

Year-round, our hilly and colorful ranks provide for stunning points of view and inspired many painters and photographs.

But we're not only a ""picture-postcard"" place. Every year, weather permitting, dozens of horses pulling sleds bring back to life Christmas from old days, and in February, sledders gather for a snowmobile trip through our beautiful territory while collecting funds for our recreational services.

Come to see us, as we have a lot to offer.

Source: Saint-Séverin's image gallery (circa 1990)

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Saint-Severin | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour