Beauceville | MRC Beauce Centre Heritage Tour

Beauceville | MRC Beauce Centre Heritage Tour
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Ville de Beauceville

Located at the heart of the Chaudière Valley, Beauceville, the largest town of the Robert-Cliche RCM, stands out not only because of its special geographical environment, its built heritage and the spring mood swings of its Chaudière River, but also because of its inhabitants' mutual support and entrepreneurial spirit.

During this tour, you will be introduced to ten leading figures of Beauceville's development, from the community, religious, historical, commercial and industrial sectors.


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Beauceville's original territory dates back to 1737 and was previously called St-François-de-Beauce. The first Beauce municipality to obtain a city status in 1904, Beauceville (west end of the urban area), Beauceville-East (east-end of urban area), St-François-de-Beauce (east-end of the rural area) and St-François-West (west end of the rural area) were all part of the municipal mergers and "unmergers" that took place over the years. It is also of note that the original territory of the "Greater St-François-de-Beauce" was broken down to create nearby municipalities. February 25, 1998 marks the last merger and the creation of the city of  Beauceville as it is today.

Beauceville, a city proud of its past and focused on a vibrant and seamless development.
Source : City of Beauceville (2010)

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Beauceville | MRC Beauce Centre Heritage Tour