Louis-Zoël Lambert, Parish Priest

Louis-Zoël Lambert, Parish Priest

Louis-Zoël Lambert (1846-1928) was Beauceville's parish priest from 1892 to 1925. He also was the promoter of great school institutions such as the Jésus-Marie Convent (1897-2001) and the Beauceville Normal School (1923-1969), now the Jésus-Marie School. The Saint-Joseph de Beauceville Hospital (1894-2004) became the Local Community Service Centre, and the Beauceville Home-Care Centre was created following his efforts.

Source: Archives from the Beauceville Cultural and Heritage Committee

St-Joseph Hospital

In 1894, parish priest Lambert acquired a land and a small house that acted as a hospice, under the supervision of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. Later, Mr. Lambert had a new, 4-storey house built.

In 1917, the Sisters of Charity of Quebec took over and welcomed children and seniors. As of 1923, rooms were reserved for sick people.

Source: Archives from the Cultural and Heritage Committee from Beauceville


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