The Desjardins Halt

The Desjardins Halt

Completely landscaped since 2014, the Desjardins Halt is enjoyed by everyone, from children to grandparents.

It boasts a water play area to cool off, bocce ball courts, several picnic tables, restrooms, water fountains and a paved parking lot. The Richelieu terrace provides for a nice shade when it's hot, and from which you can enjoy the view on the Chaudière Valley.

For environmental concerns, wood was the material of choice when building the Desjardins Halt. In September 2014, the city received the Cecobois Excellence Award with great honor. This award is granted to municipalities that use wood as building material for one or several buildings. The Desjardins Halt project was also nominated in the Sustainable Environment category.

Station and Railway

Next to the Desjardins Halt used to be the railway station, which no longer exists. Saint-Joseph is getting ready to welcome its bike path that will replace the railway and make it possible to cross the Beauce area by bike.

Source: Beauce Heritage Society (Société du patrimoine des beaucerons)

An Intergenerational Place

Source: City of Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce

The water play area in action!

Source: City of Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce


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