A visual journey through time

A visual journey through time

Old picture on this corner, at Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce.

Source: Beauce Heritage Society (Société du patrimoine des beaucerons)


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The City implemented a new traveling project of ancient picture framing called ""Un voyage visuel à travers le temps"" (A visual journey through time).

Over the years, valuable moments and memorable people were immortalized by many never-seen-before pictures and that hold a wealth of memories. This look back over the past helps citizens and visitors alike remember or discover unique moments, share funny facts and learn more about events that took place in our municipality, which will result in enhancing the sense of belonging of our citizens and visitors, the project's main mission.

You can discover old picture framing in the following shops and industries:

Familiprix Julie Paquet and Patrick Turmel www.familiprix.com/fr/trouver-succursale/julie-paquet-et-patrick-turmel/4e200c5b-007f-4d93-9a48-64d4e32efad2

Cliche Laflamme Loubier, Lawyers  www.clichelaflamme.com

J’me mon bœuf butcher shop https://fr-ca.facebook.com/BeauceBoeuf

Tandem Internationnal  http://www.tandem-int.qc.ca/

Coiffure Fiji www.weblocal.ca/coiffure-fiji-saint-joseph-de-beauce-qc.html

165 T-Gym www.facebook.com/165tgym

Armoires DLM inc. www.armoiresdlm.com

Palladio Design www.palladiodesign.com

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton www.raymondchabot.com

CLD Robert-Cliche  http://www.cldrc.qc.ca/

Caisses Desjardins de Beauce-Centre

Villa du Moulin  www.villadumoulin.com

Salon Jouvence www.fr-ca.facebook.com/Salon-Jouvence-coiffure-275594879177258

City Hall www.vsjb.ca

Nouvelle Vie funeral home www.nouvellevie.ca


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