Municipal Park

Municipal Park

With its various plateaus, the municipal park is a place of gathering that suits everyone's needs. This park is located at the heart of the Chaudière Valley, by the Chaudière River, and people can spend hours there having fun playing tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball or skateboarding. It also boasts an enjoyable picnic area with a playground. If you walk down the de la Gorgendière trail along the Chaudière River, you will discover Beauce nature in all its magnificence.

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de la Gorgendière Trail

Located along the Chaudière River, this trail is a wonderful, relaxing place set in an enchanting and natural environment. Explore the trail in the fall, with Jerusalem artichokes that add color and character to your hike.

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Sail on the Chaudière

Sail through the heart of the Chaudière Valley aboard your boat!

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