Saint‑Odilon | MRC Robert‑Cliche's Heritage Tour

Saint-Odilon | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour

Overviewing the eastern plateau of the Chaudière Valley and bounded by Lac-Etchemin in the North-East, the parish of Saint-Odilon boasts an exceptional view and panorama. According to oral tradition, the parish was named Cranbourne by its first inhabitants, who came from Cranbourne, Ireland. Cranbourne is an English word and the name of a little town in Dorset, England, hence the name Saint-Odilon-de-Cranbourne. It was natural that the first grantees of these new lands, who were almost all English, gave them names reminding them of Albion. These pioneers had fought the Waterloo battle and were mostly from Cranbourne, England. Saint-Odilon was proclaimed an independent parish and municipality in 1885.

Enjoying a unique geographical position, in the immediate vicinity of highway 73 and of Beauce's urban core, Saint-Odilon has been home to a large residential and industrial development since 1990. With the establishment of an industrial development committee, the Association de Développement Économique de Saint-Odilon inc. (A.D.E.S.O.) is now very active and proud of its impact on the municipality's economic development.

On the economical level, the strength of our agricultural sector (dairy, hog and poultry farms) and the prosperity of our industries (wood processing, garment manufacturing) and existing businesses have ensured an ongoing growth since the 1970s in our municipality.

Saint-Odilon's quality of life is enhanced by its vibrant recreation services that organize many sports and cultural activities such as our recreational festival, our agricultural fair, as well as softball, volleyball, hockey, and broomball tournaments, to name a few.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
A rest area and public restrooms are located at the OTJ. The two snack bars are located in the village, and the picnic and rest area is located near the church. Feel free to stop by.

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Saint-Odilon | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour