Tring-Jonction and the Quebec

An Unusual Name

With the municipality being surrounded by municipalities such as St-Jules, St-Frédéric and St-Séverin, where does the name Tring-Jonction come from?
The name is partly due to the Tring Township from where originated an English lord, who had found similarities between the region and his native English county. The name Jonction (or junction) is obviously due to the fact the Tring is the junction of the Québec - Tring - Sherbrooke and Québec - Tring - Lac-Mégantic railway lines. Free visits Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Source: Municipality of Tring-Jonction (2014)

The Depot or the Station

Even before its establishment, Tring-Jonction was called the depot or the station. People from nearby municipalities came here to pick up their goods or sell what they locally produced in Tring-Jonction. Nobody can ignore the importance of the railway in Tring-Jonction's destiny: "a village of services". In 1944, there were still two main ways and 7 siding tracks.

A Meeting Place

Everything took place in Tring-Jonction. Many great encounters happened there. On evenings of passenger train arrivals, residents would go to the station to see passengers unload. One could witness lots of hugs and handshaking going on. Taxis were waiting in line to bring these travelers to their destination as required.

Source: Bertrand Champagne Fund. 1952 Film.

Dates to Remember

Dates to remember and a glimmer of hope. 1967: the end of passenger trains
1968: station closure
1972: the end of the Tring - Lac-Mégantic line
And then, the railway was dismantled. In 1990, the part between Tring and Lac-Mégantic was already dismantled.
However, a local man, Jean-Marc Giguère, was fighting to avoid the dismantlement of the Québec - Sherbrooke line.
In 2000, on July 5 precisely, the first freight train left for Texas.

Source: Quebec Central Railway (2000)

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