Placages Roy, a beginning era

Bois Francs CR and Les Spécialités MGH Inc

Whether it be the first generation of Roy, Jean-Louis Roy and Blanche-Yvette Giguère (Placages Roy), the second generation, Gérald Roy (MGH) and Carol Roy (BFCR) or third generation, Mélissa Roy (MGH) & Yannick Roy (BFCR), all of them have one thing in common: a passion for wood and the pride to see their work displayed both in Las Vegas's luxurious hotels and in your own kitchen.
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Source: Mélissa Roy (Août 2014)

Let's get started! First Delivery for Placages Roy

Photo description: from haymow to warehouse and loading dock, the early days of Placages Roy were very modest, but thanks to the Beauce-typical goodwill of its founders, the business quickly expanded and has become a true expert in the wood business since 1967.

Source: Blanche-Yvette Giguère (Août 1967)

Les Placages Roy ensured entrepreneurial successio

Les bois-Francs CR specializes in customized wood veneer processing. Over the last few years, knowledge transfer from father to son has taken place and Les Bois Francs CR can now count on the know-how of two generations that totally complement each other.

Source: Isabelle Giguère (April 2016)

Les Spécialités MGH Inc and the Royflex Division

Our family tradition of searching for higher-quality veneer enables us to present you over 105 types of wood to help you discover the wealth of the five continents!

Source: Mélissa Roy (Mars 2015)

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