Station and Commercial Activities

The Station built in 1914

A place for meetings and commercial activities. On the main floor, the station was home to 2 waiting rooms, 1 for men and 1 for women, 2 ticket counters, 1 for men and 1 for women, a private office, and a large luggage room. This first floor was used as a resting room for the Quebec Central's workers.
Previously, before Second World War, many constructions were found around the station, such as a cattle pen, a freight shed, two water tanks, a car repair shop, an ice house, a coal bin, an engine house, a bunker house, etc.

Source: Carl Riff Collection (1920)

Steam Train

The steam train stopped in front of the 2nd freight shed. Local merchants and craftspeople and those from the surroundings came to drop off or pick up tons of molasse, bags of bran, flour, peas, sugar, sheet metal, engines, building materials. Goods were also dropped by for shipping: cheese wheels, animal skins (in coarse salt), maple syrup and sugar and many other goods.

Source: Photo by Jacques Fortin (1939)

The 1st Garage Owner

Following merchandise-related activities, services started to appear around the station. The 1st garage owner, Mr. Linière Nadeau, opened its machinery repair shop. He made his tools himself. He would get up at 4:00 AM.
His garage was the meeting place for tour organizers and Tring's Old Timers Hot Stove league. Mr. Nadeau was obliging and funny.

Source: Jeannine Nadeau-Baillargeon Fund (1918)

Food and Accommodation

People who traveled through Tring-Jonction undoubtedly needed to stay and eat here. Hotels, restaurants, a general store, a furniture store, a butcher shop and a fashion store started to appear. Similarly, milliners, shoe stores, a jewelry store and other stores opened. They had everything for everyone! And of course, there were taxis to carry these travelers, merchants and passengers from the passenger trains.

Source: Gilberte Quesnel-Bergeron Fund (1930)

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