The Station Today

The Station in 1993

Over the years, after commercial activities stopped, the station was left to its own devices and deteriorated to the extent that its destruction was considered. This is how it looked like in 1993, for the municipality's 75th anniversary celebrations. 
Free visits on the Culture celebrations Sunday, the last Sunday of September, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Culture Station

And this is what it looks like today in 2016, after $1.5 million in investments from main stakeholders of the federal, provincial, municipal and local levels. It is now home to the Livres-en-train library affiliated to the Réseau Biblio CNCA network. It is also home to the Quebec Central Museum, and to 3 Desjardins exhibition rooms and working space on the first floor. We, and the population, are very proud of it! 

National Holiday

Social activity is ongoing around and within it, with Friday shows, the National Holiday, the culture celebrations (end of September), etc. It remains at the heart of our municipality's life. An intergenerational park will be soon created, where children, friends, and adults (parents and seniors) will interact. What a great life! Of the former Quebec Central's tooling, only the station and a single railway remain.

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