Built Heritage of the Time

The Doctors' House

Through the various styles of Tring-Jonction's built heritage, the Quebec Central railway company left its English mark. These houses that maintained their old charm contribute to our history's evolution.
This one is a four-square-style house. It usually is a 2.5-storey, square-shaped house with 4 rooms on each floor. It boasts a four-sided roof with a gable or dormer window on its façade. This majestic house was the home of the municipality's first three doctors:
Dr. Georges-Albert Daigle, 1950 - 1952,
Dr. Georges-Albert Gauthier, 1952 - 1960 and
Dr. Jean-Charles Beaulieu, 1960 to June 30, 1994
Lots of teeth pulled out and injections administered. Ouch!

Source: Jean Beaulieu (1990)

Another Old House

In the same style as the doctors' house, this house got a 98/100 score during the architectural inventory of the municipality's buildings. It is located at 141 Commerciale Avenue.

Source: Marie-Josée Pomerleau (between 1930 and 1943)

A European Neo-Classical

This house is located at 207 Principale Street, and was integrated into Quebec's architecture by English-speaking architects at the beginning of the 19th century.

Source: Marie-Josée Pomerleau (1900)

Craftsman Style

The bungalow is this movement's most common style. This house is located at 221 Principale Street.

Source: Marie-Josée Pomerleau (1917)

A Quebec-Style House

This style was widely spread in the 1760-1880 period, especially in rural towns and villages. This house is located at 140 Rang 2 South.

Source: Marie-Josée Pomerleau (1853)

The Pioneer's House

This house was used for lodging during the land clearing work. It was bound to be replaced. However, it could last for several generations. This house is located at 125 Rang 2 South.

Source: Marie-Josée Pomerleau (1930)

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