Tring‑Jonction | MRC Beauce‑Centre Heritage Tour

Tring-Jonction | MRC Beauce-Centre Heritage Tour

The municipality of Tring-Jonction was established in 1918 with the division of the parish of Saint-Frédéric, just outside the station, at the junction of the Québec-Sherbrooke and Québec-Lac-Mégantic railway lines. It is a stunning territory part of the Robert-Cliche County, in the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches, at the West end of the Beauce area, right before the Appalaches RCM.  It is crossed east-west by Road 112 and is surrounded by major regional centers such as Thetford Mines, Saint-Georges and Sainte-Marie.

On the eve of its 100th anniversary, the municipality had, in 2016, a population of 1,505 people on a total territory of 27.34 square kilometers. Tring-Jonction is a local service hub that also serves adjacent municipalities. It is home to a wide array of businesses and services such as a library, a bowling alley, two doctors, a dentist, a pharmacy, three restaurants, a grocery store, a postal outlet, a gas station, an elementary school, a soccer field, a municipal pool, a youth center, etc.

The tour leads  you through the streets and rangs of our municipality. You'll start with Principale Street, which was once  home to the railways, the station and many services, and you'll discover, in the meantime, our builders' heritage. During this tour, you'll explore the first hotel built in 1915, and then the industries that shaped our history and our people's need to innovate. Then, a visit in Rang 2 will lead you to the beekeeping estate to discover a golden treat. Finally, you can enjoy an impressive view of the magnificent landscape of Tring-Jonction's territory, at the bottom of the 13.71 meter-high illuminated cross in Rang Saint-Louis.

Enjoy your visit and welcome to our home!

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Tring-Jonction | MRC Beauce-Centre Heritage Tour