Cheese Factories

New Brunelle Cheese Factory in 1969

The Brunelle cheese factory in 1969. Owner Henri-Louis Brunelle started making cheese when he was 16 years old, and for 50 years throughout his life. Him and his wife raised a family of 16 children who all worked at the family business at one point or the other.

Source: Book of Saint-Jules' 75th anniversary

First Brunelle Cheese Factory

Henri-Louis Brunelle and 6 other associates' first cheese factory in 1931. Cheese and butter were made on the premises.

Brunelle Cheese Factory Building

Former Brunelle Cheese Factory in 2013. The building is now home to a window and door store, and its owners also live on the premises.

Source: Municipality 

Ernest Cliche Cheese Factory

Ernest Cliche's cheese factory. Mr. Cliche, cheesemaker at an early age (16 years old), obtained his degree and taught his craft to the younger ones. He made cheese for 50 years. The building still exists today and is located in Rang 3.

Source : Book of Saint-Jules' 75th anniversary

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