Saint-Jules' Convent

Convent 1960

A convent was built in the village in 1954, which marked the end of schoolhouses. The convent had 4 classes, accommodation for the nuns, a chapel and a room. In 1956, three nuns from the Congregation of the Servant Sisters of the Sacred heart of Mary arrived in Saint-Jules' Convent. In 1960, an extension was built that was home to 7 additional classrooms.

Source: Municipality of Saint-Jules

Multipurpose Center, 2012

The former convent became the Multipurpose Center. It is home to the municipal office and organizations such as Fadoq, les Fermières, Club parentaide/ Camps les Étincelles and Vaho Aventure.

Source: Municipality of Saint-Jules

Blessing of the Convent, 1960

After the building expansion, according to custom, the convent was blessed on October 30, 1960, in the presence of dignitaries, the parish priest and parishioners of Saint-Jules. The nuns left the convent in 1975, and in 1999, elementary teaching came to an end in our municipality.

Source: Municipality of St-Jules

Camp les étincelles and Vaho Aventure

The Club Parentaide/ Camp les Étincelles occupies over half of the former convent and most of the land that used to be the school playground, and a wood-lot behind the convent became an aerial park (Vaho Aventure).

Source: Camp les Étincelles 

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