Presbytery, 2010

The presbytery was built in 1919. Its architecture is four-sided, Georgian-type. It boasts 36 openings and a three-faced covered porch. In 1996, the presbytery was sold to the private sector and is currently used as a house. The owners maintained its outside architecture.

Source: Municipality

Presbytery, 1926

Traditionally, the presbytery was the parish priest's residence, where also lived the housekeeper, also called the parish priest's handmaid. The presbytery also welcomed visiting bishops.

Source: Municipality

Barn-Cowshed, 1919

On August 10, 1919, the parishioners assembly decided to build a barn-cowshed behind the presbytery. It was home to farm animals used to feed the parish priest and for his travels in the carriage. That building was moved and torn down afterwards.

Source: Book of the parish's 75th anniversary

Presbytery, 1967

On May 16, 1967, the outside bricks were painted and Abbé Armand Nadeau, parish priest, planted maple trees in front of the presbytery.

Source: Book of Saint-Jules' 75th anniversary 

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