Saint‑Jules | MRC Beauce‑Centre Heritage Tour

Saint-Jules | MRC Beauce-Centre Heritage Tour

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The origins of the municipality result from a request submitted to the Quebec diocese and by which the majority of franklings of the designated parties of St-Frédéric, St-Victor, St-Joseph and St-François parishes of the Beauce County asked that the said territory became a parish. Following this request, the canonical decree of the parish of Saint-Jules was established on November 5, 1918 by H.E. Cardinal Ls-N. Bégain, Archbishop of Quebec.

The municipality is fairly young - it will celebrate its hundredth anniversary in 2018. Since 2011, its population experiences a demographic growth, with 583 residents who are working had to maintain the rural character of a welcoming and friendly rural village unique to the Beauce area.

The municipality has unique features partly due to its constitution. It has several shared ranks, where one side is a public road located on Saint-Jules' territory, while on the opposite side properties are part of a neighboring municipality. Four companies offer telephone and Internet services.

Following the closure of the convent, the municipality has used it as City Hall, spaces for municipal organizations and a multipurpose center. In the same area is the Vaho Aventure aerial park, and the Camp les Étincelles, a social economy enterprise that animates the premises by welcoming groups of elementary school children and offering learning and leisure activities. Next to the church is a seasonal snack-bar, picnic tables behind the municipal building/Village aventuria and public restrooms in the municipal building.

Source: Book of Saint-Jules' 75th anniversary

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Saint-Jules | MRC Beauce-Centre Heritage Tour